What can I use change.io for?

Change.io is a free service that helps users find the best exchangers using various filters (exchange rate, currency reserve volume, currency itself).

Does the Change service have mobile applications on the Google Play App Store?

As of summer 2022, the service does not have any specialized mobile applications for smartphones. However, we advise against using untested third-party software which has not been thoroughly tested before. This will keep customers safe from phishing scams.

How do you use the service for your own benefit?

The currency pair will be selected from the left hand menu. On the right side a list of online exchangers is automatically generated according to your choice. By default the ranking is done according to the current exchange rate. All additional instructions can be found in the Help tab.

Are the exchange services at Change reliable?

All the exchangers that are presented in our database are thoroughly and comprehensively checked. There is also free feedback from users who have already used their services.

Can I add my own exchanger to the Change website?

Yes, this is done via the feedback form. But in order to be listed on change.io you need to have a minimum financial reserve of $10,000 and be active in this market for at least the previous 6 months.